Drinking Rainbows

drinking rainbows

More rainbows playing around the kitchen.

Many thanks to everyone who visited the shop recently. I have a February necklace to show you tomorrow. And I'm working on several others for next week.



nestdaffodil plume

A nest of five rara avis feathers will be in the shop on Tuesday. There is a large grey blue one, a brown one and three smaller ones on finer, shorter chains.

Last week there was one warm, spring-like day that made me go out (no need for a coat) and start tidying the garden. I realized how much I missed it all winter. I could hear my neighbour working as well. The gardens were calling.


The Messenger

the messenger

This series is about animals of dreams and imagination. When given due attention they can become powerful allies. A message delivered by such a presence can alter one's understanding, lift spirits or provide guidance.

This amulet bag was dyed with tannin and iron. It closes by pulling a sliding knot on an eucalyptus dyed silk cord. The ends of the cord have been combed into soft tassels like a horse's mane. There's a secret space inside for a dream or a message.

The necklace will be in the shop on Thursday. With it ends the recent flurry of pieces that had been waiting pretty much for years to be made. I'm working on some rara avis feathers for next week, there's one more thing for the Journey series and then I'll see where it takes me...



The King's Falcon

the king's falcon

A noble falcon, the king's companion. People say they know each other's true names and sometimes it almost seems as if they are one and the same.

One more feather, this time a large one accompanied by a battle-scarred old shield with the shining symbol of the king's crown. The silk was dyed with tannin and iron and the shield made from copper and given a dark patina.

This fragment of a fairy tale will be up in the shop tomorrow (Tuesday).




february eveningtwo feathers

A quiet Sunday here. A. is still preoccupied with wolves and so am I.

The dark one and the leaf-like one will be up tomorrow (Monday).


Wolves and Falcons

wolves and falcons

Fur and feathers. Friend or foe?

This series is a revisting of 'shells and feathers' from several years ago. It is about human relationship to animals that goes back a long way. So long in fact that these animals have become a part of the psyche. The falcons and wolves of dreams and imagination appearing as messengers, helpers and guides or, if not given their due, as persecutors and dangerous demons.

This necklace was dyed with tannin and iron, possibly some of the oldest dyes used by mankind. It closes with a toggle in the shape of an ancient crescent moon made from copper, textured and given a patina.

I'm putting this in the shop tomorrow (Friday) evening.



The Journey


This necklace is part of the Journey series. It is about an imaginary journey following a star into the desert and back again.

This is an amulet bag gradient dyed with red onion skins (both the olive green and the sand colour visible on the back). The smocking suggests the wandering path with the starry skies above. One bright star stands above the horizon and guides the travellers into the darkening evening, towards their goal. The edge of the fabric is left raw and is as soft as the desert sand or the hair of camels. There's a small space inside the bag to fit a memento from the travels.

It will be in the shop tomorrow evening.



A Star to Follow

following the star

The goal, the compass, my north, my south, my east and west.

Seen today.


The Unreachable Goal

unreachable goal

"What do you really wish for?" asked the guide.

Even though the goal itself is unattainable it is still worth following it. In accepting its guidance we set upon a course during which many other goals may be achieved.

This necklace is part of the Journey series. It is about an imaginary journey following a star into the desert and back again.

It is composed of two layers of silk, a golden colour on a dark purple background. The smocking forms an eight pointed mandala of a star (the eighth point being the silver). The edges of the fabric are left raw to give a soft halo.

This will be in the shop on Monday.

the starunreachable goal


Wild Creatures

wild creatures

Revisiting the shells and feathers series. Thinking about falcons and wolves.

The light's almost gone, time to collect A. from the nursery. That wild creature scribbled messages on the table.