Calendarium : March

calendarium : march

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

Arise! What was hidden shall manifest.

Celebrating the stirring upward and outward energies of Spring, this necklace was dyed with ivy leaves for the yellowish background and then printed (the India Flint way), roots, earth and all with Jack-by-the-hedge, Herb-Robert and eucalyptus leaves blown over the hedge from my neighbour's tree. The result is a mottled beige with light green and flecks of brown and grey (hard to photograph but clearer in person).

The red embroidery carries matte black beads while the green strand is decorated with shiny golden ones. The chain has two small garnets on each side.

This is going in the shop now and is probably the last update before the holidays. I'll be back on the 15 April and will start making again then.

roots, earth and allUntitled



vernal vernalfeathers

Happy equinox to you.

This week I've been busy elsewhere but there are two feathers headed to the shop right now. One ruffled wild one (I like when the outlines turn out ruffled like that) and one dusky blue with brown.

I've been working on a Calendarium piece for March but let's just say that the purple crocus experiment wasn't entirely successful... So back to the garden looking for alternatives. There's one more week of work and then I'm looking forward to a two week holiday away.




Caught my eye on the way to pre-school.


And Then...

and then

...there were small feathers.

The little light blue one is spoken for, the rest are flying to the shop tomorrow.


A Gift

a gift

At the start of March I set up my small, indoor, madder-bran fermentation indigo vat again.

This morning I pulled out the first dyed fabric.

It's hard to capture in a photo just how alive, rich and fresh the blue from a young vat is. It feels as if I've been given a gift.


In Progress

working on

Working on some small colourful feathers for next week.


Magical Flight

magical flight

The symbolism of avian transformations, a shaman's hard-won ability to magically fly on the "wings of the soul".

Part of the series exploring our relationship to the wild animals of dreams and imagination. The silk was dyed with the ancient combination of tannin and iron. The chain is decorated with two deep red garnets.

In the shop tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.


There's also one wild feather - one that has a warm amber heart.

the amber one


Wings of Longing

wings of longing

This necklace is part of the Journey series, a story of an imaginary journey following a star into the desert and back again.

"We've gone as far as we could," announced the guide one evening. "Tomorrow we'll fly."

There lives an imaginary bird known as Wings of Longing that will, if the time is right, take one to one's heart's desire. Not that we flew as far as the star but like carefully shooting an arrow at it it made the aim even clearer in our minds.

The wings for this necklace are made from indigo dyed silk. It is the darkest blue I ever achieved and was dipped in the vat many times. I then added layers to the colour with other dyes. The copper arrow functions as a toggle that closes the necklace and the faceted black beads in decreasing sizes suggest the increasing distance.

In the shop tomorrow (Tuesday).





Wrestling with arrows. For one more piece to continue the Journey.


An Offering

an offering

For him of the stone heap, guide and guardian who watches over transformations.

This past year I've been reading a lot of Jungian psychology. I just wish I had found it earlier in life. Anyone else out there interested in Jung?

That woodfired cup is one of my favourite possessions. It is of earth, went through the fire which gave it a heart of glass inside. It was made by the French artist Eric Soule.