The sun has moved to Virgo with that 'back to work' end of the summer feeling. I'm back from my holiday, a little older, my perspective a little changed maybe, the way it goes with travelling.

Here are three little wild things, two feathers and a 'flurry of wings' - a feathery disc. In the shop today.

My plans for the nearest future include fresh Japanese indigo dyeing and the story Allereirauh. The one where the princess lives in the ashes of the kitchen disguised in a furry cloak while to the king's ball she always wears one of her three magical dresses - Sun-like, Moon-like, a the starry one. What would those fabrics look like, I have always wondered.




They felt like a flurry of feathered wings.

Not for dyeing but for making salve. First step: calendula infused olive oil.

infused oil for making salve


Calendarium : August

calendarium : august

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

August has only just begun but I'm going to be on holiday for a large part of it so I wanted to make a Calendarium piece early. I used similar plants as last month but in a dyebath rather than with steam printing. Cherry leaves contain a lot of tannin. I find each tannin-rich plant gives a slightly different shade of tan. This one was warm and just right for what I imagined. I overdyed it with home-grown dyer's chamomile for just a slight glaze of gold over the top of the pleats.

As the summer is ending and the combs are filling with honey in the hives I felt like recreating one of the honeycombs from several years ago. This one is fairly large and heavy with honey-coloured beads.

It's going in the shop tomorrow (Saturday). Then the shop will be closed between 11 and 27 August.



Blue Moon

blue moon

Recently I felt like learning a little about the basics of astrological thought. Houses, cusps, planetary rulers, squares and trines... An ancient artform. The wheel of the zodiac seems like a rotating gameboard on which you cast the dice of the celestial bodies.

This necklace was made during the recent blue moon. It takes the shape of a small amulet bag to carry a pocketful of the moonlit atmosphere or any other mementoes you might have.

The crisp organza silk was dyed with several plants including indigo to create the impression of a moody night sky with an illuminated band in the centre. It's pleated and smocked with added shiny white moon-like beads. They are vintage and I'm not sure of the exact material but it is a natural stone, my guess is white agate.

This will be in the shop tomorrow (Wednesday).



Under the Wings

under the wings

Whether we call it an angel, a spirit guide or our higher self. Whether it resides in the imaginal realm, in the objective reality or the depth of our unconscious psyche. There is guidance and protection to be found if we look for it.

This necklace is an interpretation of wings as an age old symbol of protection. I first played with the idea several years ago.

A ruffled, wing-like edge, dense smocking, opalescent beads.

Will be in the shop tomorrow (Tuesday) together with two feathers - a blue and a green.

I have one more piece to be listed this week and am working on August Calendarium. The following week I'm leaving on holiday again and will be back at the end of the month.



Calendarium : July

calendarium : july

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

This piece of silk was dyed a lot more than it might seem at first glance. Eucalyptus and cherry leaves have been falling and I made the background with those. Fuchsias and lobelias are in flower and steamed they left red and blue marks. Then a bath of home-grown dyer's chamomile added a gently glowing yellow. It overshadowed most of the subtle flower prints but their memory lives on in the fibres regardless.

It turned out to be a nude sort of colour like bare feet in the grass and the feeling of a warm breeze on bare skin. Flying on the simple and carefree wings of summer.

The wings have a feather-like ruffled edge and are quite densely smocked. A row of golden glass beads catches the sun.

They are going in the shop now. Normally I would wait a day or so but I'm leaving for the weekend tomorrow morning so it has to be now.

wings of summerUntitled


Apple of Her Eye

apple of her eye

I was curious about the origin of the expression and found this:

"The original Hebrew for this idiom, in all but Zechariah 2:8, was 'iyshown 'ayin (אישון עין), and can be literally translated as "Little Man of the Eye." This is a reference to the tiny reflection of yourself that you can see in other people's pupils."

The Little Man of the Eye? Interesting...

This necklace came about spontaneously after a dream I had of a handsome teenage son I was very proud of. He was truly an apple of my eye.

You can find it in the shop tomorrow (Saturday).




new five

The work here has been more summer-paced lately. I've been dyeing with madder and indigo in the newly refreshed vat and here are the fruits: five new feathers in juicy colours.

They are flying in the shop in a moment. There are also a few other things on sale if you'd like to take a look.

Next up - something for July Calendarium.


Lessons of the Labyrinth

white horses

It was a magical time. One evening the waves turned into white horses. Another night the bay was an alchemical vessel where the big red sun setting into the ocean stood directly opposite the full pearly moon rising over the hills.

Every day I drew large labyrinths into the sand and then walked them. The path turns and turns around the outer circuits and just when the pilgrim starts to lose faith there are two breakthroughs that take her right next to the centre. Encouraged she walks on only to be lead further and further away again. She may begin to despair but if she trusts the path it will soon take her right to the heart of the labyrinth but not before she has faithfully covered its entire surface with her footsteps.


Midsummer Night

Untitledmidsummer night

A little magic on St John's Eve. Every day I'm grateful to be living in this beautiful, old garden.

This week I finished another (reserved) poppy necklace and am taking the rest of the time off. Next week I'll be by the sea and away from the internet. See you after that.