Cups of Gold

The sun fills them.


Mystery's Messenger

Are 'bad' dreams ever bad? Or are they mystery's messengers who arrive on dark wings to surprise us, to wake us up to something that matters?

In the shape of dark, protective wings, this necklace was made from silk dyed with plants to a colour that changes from greenish brown to a dark bluish green. It is smocked in blue with added iridescent long glass beads.

In the shop on Thursday.


There are Violets in the Grass

There are violets in the grass
Daisies and forget-me-nots
I will not cut it
Whatever people say
No, I'll have the honey sweetness
And feast on it every day
Until the flowers are gone

Here's an amulet bag celebrating the astrological Taurus season (when the Sun and its companion planets, Venus and Mercury, spend time in the sign every year). Taurus is delight in the earth, the senses, in things we can touch and possess, the Spring taking root and growing wider, rounder and richer, slowly and steadily.

The shape of the necklace turned out rounded and generous, fit for gathering and storing the mood.

In the shop on Saturday.


Time to Speak and Blossom

The 'listening' phase for this new design took six years... Sometimes I work as if I had an eternity. Anyway, here it is - Blossom, in time for the lushest part of Spring.

The silk was dyed so it changes colour near the centre. These delicate little flowers can be worn with either side facing as they sway gently on adjustable chains. Each like a moment when time stood still and the eyes really SAW the blossom. The mysterious blending of transience and something eternal.

Will be in the shop this Saturday.



There are bursts of yellow everywhere. The garden is full of daffodils. I like how the blackbird balances the brightness of the colour of its beak with a sombre black/brown of its feathers. So these are a tribute to the blackbird.

The set with the earrings is sold but the feather necklace is in the shop.

For quite a while I've been feeling wordless. It seems as if my life is a conversation where periods of talking alternate with times of listening. So now I'm mainly listening and I don't know when that's going to change. I've always had this rhythm and thought there must be something wrong with me, it's all down to keeping the momentum up, having a routine, etc. etc. Maybe. But I'm beginning to suspect that maybe that's just how I am, impractical as it is. So I had a subversive thought: what if, circumstances permitting, instead of forcing the words, I allow myself to listen, until the wave breaks, the tide turns, because it will? Do you notice this dance of out and inwardness in yourself too?



Spring greetings to you. Just a note to say there are three new blue feathers in the shop today.



Astrologically speaking, it's Pisces season. The astrological water element is strong. Sometimes Mercury in Pisces struggles to put to words the impressions, moods, dreams and images that float freely, permeate the mind and are absorbed by it. Their shape is ever changing, dependend on the vessel that tries to hold them.

This amulet bag doesn't have much of a story in words. When I see it I see a Reneissance painting of Venetian canals. Verdigris. A fishing net of stitches. An ancient water vessel.

It is made from silk dyed with plants, pleated and densely smocked in a wave pattern with added glass beads in old gold. Its shape is elongated like an elegant amphora. The colours range from blue, verdigris with specks of cream to dark reddish brown.

Will be in the shop on Thursday.



Today I unpicked the smocking stitches from this piece of silk. They had been there, not quite finished, for a week or two. It remembers them in little waves. When the dyeing turns out serendipitously lovely like it did here it can be hard to do the colours justice with the embroidery. Some things just need time to hatch.


A Pair

A pair of feathers, a blue one and another that fell out of a crow's wing. It's that black that's not quite black.

In the shop tonight.


Speaks in Whisper

I walk past a hedge of beech trees. In winter the branches keep the dry leaves and when the wind blows the hedge speaks in whisper. A lovely echo of the summer call of wind through the leaves.

This necklace is also like a whisper. It started as a January Calendarium piece but it turns out that I'm not going to continue with that project after all. Currently months pass far too quickly for that. (Well, that sentence only makes sense if you experience time as flexible...)

So here it is in February instead. An amulet bag dyed with eucalyptus, pleated and smocked with added beads. The chain is finished with sparkly faceted two-toned glass beads and speckled beads from a vintage necklace which are probably bladdernut seeds once popular in rosaries. The two are different but similar, an echo of each other.

Will be in the shop on Saturday.