I've been making necklaces for sale, as gifts and custom requests and many have been hard to part with. So I finally made one which is mine to keep:

mine to keep

It's similar to this one minus the indigo overdyeing. I like the velvetiness of the dense pleats and the autumnal nature of it. Haven't given it a name yet, it should be something to do with the rain and the darkening day... Darkening Day?

More importantly, thanks to those here and on flickr who commented about the dyeing conundrum. I couldn't find anything in my books but an internet search unearthed some interesting references to dyes darkening. Here's a quote from Jenny Dean's recent post on her beautiful and enormously informative blog which I came across thanks to this search:
...the term “fade” refers technically to any change in colour, not only to a reduction in depth of colour, and weld actually ”fades” to a darker, rather than a lighter, hue as time passes. This means that, although weld may lose some of its brilliance over the years, it will not usually become significantly paler.
So there. Always something to learn.


LavenderField said...

Darkening Day is very nice and it compliments the color of your eyes! (Love your Etsy store!)

Jane said...

I found a list of plants that were used in dyeing.
It was a poster in the grounds of the American Museum in Bath.
I use dye a little but I'm not very adventurous, but I photographed it and put it on my blog for others to see, you may find it useful.
here's the link to the post:


Eva said...

Thank you both! Jane - off to look at the poster.