oak galls

oak galls

Today I went on a little expedition into the woods to collect oak galls for dyeing. I've rarely seen them before but last week noticed a place where they grow in abundance. Holding them for the first time I was surprised how light they are. And at the range of their colours. They look like clay beads.

In the afternoon I extracted the dye and the fabric is soaking it up as I type.


joni said...

i cant wait to see the color. did you do a hot water extraction?

Eva said...

Hi Joni, yes I crushed them, simmered and strained.

Brittany Noel said...

They do look like clay beads! They are so beautiful. There are oak galls on the oaks in one part of my parents' property. I had no idea you could dye with them. Can't wait!!

Eva said...

Thanks, Brittany. Hope you won't be disappointed - they only give different beiges. But they're useful as a natural mordant too. And ink used to be made from them.

Summer said...

Ooh, I have a bunch of these on my oak trees and wondered what they might be. I suppose I should try making some dye! I also have a bucket FULL of walnuts that I need to work with!