Shells & Feathers

The new series of magic talismanic jewels is ready, just in time for Halloween. The fine stripy patterning is ambiguous and intriguing, the colours primal (all is dyed with tannin and iron, some of the oldest dyestuffs known to man) and the hammered silver glimmers darkly.

Last week I spent hours looking at the patterns while sewing and at night kept dreaming about hawks, owls and nightjars with soft barred feathers and wolves with mottled grey fur.

shells & feathers

Some of the necklaces are very bird of prey-like. There is a bracelet, brooches a small talisman bag and two 'feather' necklaces on long chains. The latter are a particular favourite.

I will start listing them in the Big Cartel shop on Thursday.



The crafty Kaeru said...

Wow, these are all so beautiful... I love the mysterious, subtle colours - the texture really does look like feather. Wonderful work as always, and very inspiring!

michele said...

you just keep evolving in the most amazing ways. i love the talisman bag. and can see why you would have those dreams.

Tammie Lee said...

these are all gorgeous. I love how unique and precious your art is.