Catching the Light

November galaxy

catching the light

sun in a jar

Stocked up on honey at the market on Saturday. One day I'd like to keep bees... November storms turned the wet pavement into a galaxy of stars. A lot of the weekend time was spent smocking.


Sarah said...

Good day to you. I linked over from Cozy Homemaking and from there.. (because of my interest in natural dyes and the love of the name Eva.. I have a little one on the way and am looking for names ) .. ended up here. Goodness. Did I need to write all of that?! LOL.
My point.. I am a beekeeper and I really think it is a wonderful thing.. I saw your honey jar and read of you interest. It is a very neat thing to tend bees. I hope you try it.

Eva said...

Thank you, Sarah. If I ever have a garden, I hope there's space for a hive... Off to your blog to read about the bees!