As a thank you to all who take the time to visit this blog, I present:


The winner will receive a feather necklace which, like all the jewellery in the Shells & Feathers series, is made from silk dyed with tannin and iron in an organic stripy pattern. It has greys, browns and bright rust-coloured places too.

The back is dyed with tea and smocked in a matching soft amber colour.


The pendant is 5.5 cm (just over 2 inches) long and hangs on a 21 inch (51 cm long) oxidised sterling silver chain.

feather necklace

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment under this post. If you feel like it, please tell me about your favourite craft-related book - what it is and what you like about it. I recently bought a great book about natural dyeing (more on that soon) and I'd love to hear what others find inspiring.

Entries are welcome until next Wednesday midnight (UK time). The winner will be picked at random on Thursday 12th November.


Sam said...

How lovely of you! I loved Lena Corwin's Printing by Hand.

carol said...

aww, Eva. You tempt and taunt. I simply can't resist.

Here are two of my favorites:

Karl Blossfeldt: the complete published works. It is not a craft book but so inspirational in his capturing of nature and its textures.

By Hand: the use of craft in contemporary art. A diverse collection of work and commentary by the artists. I browse through it often.

My best to you! xo-carol

Karen Barbé said...

Hello Eva,

I mostly follow you on Flickr. I love how you've started to add hand dyed fabrics to your pieces. It makes them so alive and unique.

I don't think I have a fave craft book. What I like are old craft magazines – you can always find some forgotten techniques there.

All the best!

Erin Curry said...

I've admired your jewelry for so long now, the addition of natural dyes only makes me more excited about them. I'd be honored to wear this one.

Two craft related books I enjoy for their exploration of the line between craft and art are:
Shelia Hicks: Weaving as Metaphor
Beyond Craft: The Art Fabric

oh and I don't know if you are on Ravelry, but I ran across an article in one of the forums, someone has information on dying with avocado pips and skins. Really lovely colors, from peach to kind of a burgandy.

The crafty Kaeru said...

Wow, this is exciting! This necklace, like all of your work, is absolutely beautiful. Whoever gets to win it is very lucky indeed!

My favourite craft-related book is probably my Roget's Thesaurus - not technically 'crafty' I know (although I guess you could count language as a craft...) - but naming my pieces is one of my favourite parts of the making process, and my well-thumbed thesaurus is always ready to help provide a fitting name to put the finishing touch to a new piece :)

Kate x

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Your work is amazing and I'll be crossing my fingers that I win.

I don't own a crafty book that I refer to necessarily, but I've been coveting Mushrooms For Color and will break down and buy it eventually. I also refer to an out of print version of homesteading "lost arts" that always has interesting tips on finding natural pigments and building with primitive tools. It to me is inspiring.

Liz B. said...

I've got Amy Butler's In Stitches, Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me, and several other hardbound "fancy" books, but in the end the one I've made the most projects from is Amy Carol's Bend the Rules Sewing. I just find more usable stuff there! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

kraplap said...

I love your smock work ! My favourite craft books are the Japanese ones. At the moment it's one with beautiful fabric caps; can't wait to start sewing caps now.....

fb said...

nooooooo I can't believe!!!! just too wonderful! you're a talented... but what's more, a generous artist :)
I'm lately obsessed with japanese sewing books, all about linen, cotton, lace, little stripes, natural colours. Inspiring.

ana margarida said...

I don't know so well craft books, rather prefer historical or anthropological ones to find inspiration. For example world textiles (a visual guide to traditional techniques) , Gillow Sentance, T&H
But your work is also an inspiration.
Best from Portugal, Lisbon.

Anonymous said...

Exciting! I've oft admired your work. Let's see...

I recently picked up The Art of Embroidery (by Francoise Tellier-Loumagne) at the library. It has so many exquisitely beautiful photographs that you can't help but be inspired, and her interpretations of natural phenomena are spot on.

Lorie McCown said...

Yeah! Very generous of you! As far as books, I love any/all by Jan Beany and Jean Littlejohn. Their work changed my feelings for fiber and fiber art. When I'm at an ebb for inspriation, I look through any of their books and am imediately inspired. link.. to their web site..

comfies said...

a favorite of mine is applique stitchery by jean ray laury (an old book). and all of your necklaces are completely stunning, so if i don't win, it's just a matter of time before i buy myself one of these! i love them so!

Anonymous said...

I adore your work!

My favourite japanese books are Pattern Magic 1&2, they are absolutely mindblowing when it comes to pattern drafting. My latest obsession is Jen Lindsays Fine Bookbinding, it's absolutely unique.

Tuija from Finland.

tinker899 said...

Your work is soo beautiful. I have so many craft books some 20 years old. I swap from craft to craft enjoying and learning. My favorite at this moment is Nicky Epstein's "Crocheting on the Edge" learning new techniques from this book I am busy embellishing christmas presents for my Grandchildren Janxx

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of your innovative, beautiful work! Please add me to the random drawing!

fionachapman said...

What a fantastic idea. Your work is beautiful and I have admired it on etsy and flickr for a while. I have so many craft books that it is hard to choose just one. At the moment I particularly love the "500 Pendants and Lockets" from Lark Books (as well as all the others in that series).

Mlle Miracle said...

I can't believe it, a Tinctory giveaway!!
You know that in spanish the "Tintorería" or "Tinte" is the profesional place where you can have your clothes dry cleaned, even if the word "tinte" means dye!
I found a lot of inspiration in "Cotton Time" magazine, and felt japanese books.
I'm not very original, but I would like to make all the Denyse Schmidt's quilts!

Brian Western said...

Ka-Boom! Vasari's Lives of the Artists is an enjoyable nibble...

jCrane said...

I love The Art of Jewelry Design: From Idea to Reality by Elizabeth Olver. Its such a beautiful book that shows how jewelry designers sketch and make their ideas into finished projects. Your blog really reminds me of the book, and thats why I love to read your blog! Crossing my fingers that I'm the lucky winner!!

Jenny Lee Fowler said...

Throwing my leaf into this pile! Such a gorgeous feather!

I come back again and again to Shades of Our Ancestors by Alice Van Leer Carrick, a survey of early American silhouette portrait artists. I also love Knitting Nature, how Norah Gaughan translates and interprets patterns in nature into garments. And also Cloth and Human Experience-- anthropology, but with lots of interesting folk textile tidbits. xo jenny

Pamela Anne said...

How beautiful your work is - so soft, so feminine, reflections of mother nature!
My favourite craft-related book is EcoColour by India Flint. A truly wonderful artist who lives by her principles and is such a sincere lovely person.

Diva Quilts said...

How generous a giveaway!

My (current) favourite craft book is Masters: Art Quilts: Major Works by Leading Artists (The Masters)

Joby said...

What a stunning necklace, please add me.
I love Cath Kidston Make Book she has such a style and also a little project on her books with the fabric etc to make it.

Anonymous said...

're:form: contemporary swedish art crafts' is great for inspiration. i love the simplicity and functionality of scandinavian design. also, i usually have some kind of needlepoint stitches guide at hand because i am always working on a canvas.

aside from craft books i turn to 1920s-30s national geographics when i need to awaken creativity. the handpainted photos and typography are incredible.


j3n said...

Wow! What a great giveaway. The feather series is wonderful.

From the top of my head, I'd say that the most inspiring craft books I have are Pattern Magic & Yoshiko Wada's shibori books.

OliTa said...

Your work is lovely and your blog too ! My latest really great book that I bought is India Flint's "Eco Colour". Really fantastic book on natural dyeing and printing.

Jenny said...

I just found your blog, your photos are in my flickr group. My favourite book apart from Eco Colour is "Art Forms from the Ocean" Ernst Haeckel.

Brittany Noel said...

This is too awesome, Eva! As I have said probably too many times, I adore your work and you have provided endless inspiration for me in the past few months. While I may not get to the ideas you've given me this year, I plan on doing many many experiments once I graduate. Your smocked work is incredibly beautiful and this autumn series as well as the one you just did before it have really captured the color and light qualities found in the natural world.

That being said (sorry if it's a bit much for this post...), right now I am diving into Ellen Lupton's Design it Yourself. She's a graphic designer, but this whole book is about making graphic design accessible, public and, above all, something that everyone can do well. I'm starting to think about a real website, business cards, etc, so this book is perfect for me right now!

Margie Oomen said...

my favorites are out of print vintage textile and embroidery books especially those with folkloric or scandinavian design
i scour the thrift stores and rummage sales for these and have found some amazing, truly inspirational treasures

joni said...

what a great resource of craft books :) for jewelry inspiration i go to "7000 Years of Jewelry" edited by Hugh Tait. and for textural knitting inspiration "the Art of Knitting" Francoise Tellier-Loumagne. eye candy!

toronto craft alert said...

i always come back to "Textile Designs" by susan meller and joost elfers. it's a bit like an encyclopedia of pattern history (euro & u.s. mostly) of the past 200 years with insights into the social & cultural context of each group of designs. it's really fascinating stuff and so inspiring for textile design ideas - super old stuff like the french patterns from the 1880s have a real contemporary sensibility!

Chrissie said...

I love this development in your work - it seems so fitting to be dyeing your own fabrics. I would have recommended India Flint too - I worship her from afar and follow her blog 'Not All who Wander are Lost'.

Ulla Dvorak said...

I actually have 2 favourite craft books:
Françoise Tellier-Loumagne: Textildesign Sticken. Inspirationen aus der Natur
Anna Torborg (ed.): the Crafter's Companion.
The first one combines my hobbies photography and embroidery, the photos and way of perception in it are stunning. It has made me wander through nature with eyes even wider open, looking for inspiration.
The second book has introduced me to artists from all over the world (and there are glimpses into their workspaces, too!), it has opened the online community to me.
Thank you so much for the inspiration through your blog and this generous giveaway!

Paola Zakimi said...

Hello there!!
I wish my self luck, becouse I love your work, my fav book is an old pretty old book about how to make your own dolls, is spanish and for kids.
your work is amaizing! xx

emily Watson said...

I would love to win your fun and lovely piece!

My current fave book is LArk's recent Plastic Jewelry book... but my favorite changes regularly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva,

Your jewelry is so unique and beautiful. I'm wishing for a lucky day.

I am pretty amazed over the book "The Art of Fabric Manipulation". The creative techniques shown lead me to say one thing,"WOW"

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I strongly recommend the book KnitKnit (or issues of the zine of the same name) for a selection of inspiring, offbeat modern knitted art and garments.


JAG said...

Is it still before midnight? Here's a try.

For day to day questions: Reader's Digest Needlework compendium

For dying: Helmut Schweppe's "Farbepflanzen, Planzenfarben" It is in German, but easily understandable and is filled with pictures.

For inspiration: Martin Puryear exhibition catalog and Arline Fisch's jewelry books