Just a Short List

moo cards

- received new moo minicards with recent photos (I like the new box they arrived in)

- there are currently 4 feathers in progress, dyed and waiting to be smocked

- the solar dyeing silk is doing well and growing darker so I'm leaving it in

- thank you to Pia Jane Bijkerk for featuring me on her beautiful blog and very many thanks to everyone else who mentioned me lately, visited, followed, left a comment...

Wishing you all a good Wednesday!


Velma said...

what an exciting mix of textile and metal. i particularly like the photo above of the process.

fionachapman said...

Fabulous moo cards. They look so good all together like that.

Brittany Noel said...

Your minicards look great! I can't wait to see the feathers once they're smocked. I love seeing them unsmocked, though, too. The subtle striping is more visible. You really are an expert tinctor!

Jane said...

I love these little cards and you've displayed yours so well.

Eva said...

I like everything about moo minicards, this must be my third batch.
And the two photos seemed to belong together.