New Feathers

After finishing the feather necklace for the giveaway I made a few more to go in the shop.

new feathers

They include two smaller sizes - a medium and two mini feathers which come on a shorter, 18 inch chain.

I'm very pleased with the minis. Measuring some 3 cm including the wire, they are about as tiny and delicate as I can go with the smocking and the dyeing. Here they are, dark and light:

dark one

mini feather

little necklace


Hope your weekend is good. It's gone quite chilly here. I'm steaming another bundle of leaves wrapped in silk...


Brittany Noel said...

These are beautiful! I love the smaller size, too. Just something about tiny things for me... I've only recently curbed my impulsive buying habit with tiny things :)

Jane said...

I'm sorry I missed your blog giveaway.
I've been looking at your little amulet bag in your bigcartel shop.....lovely

Eva said...

Thank you and sorry you missed it... should have made it two weeks instead of one.