First Solar Fabrics

solar dyed

First fabrics that came out of those solar dye jars. The purplish pieces were all loosely rolled together with some red onion skins between them and soaked in water. From the left:

- a piece of luxurious dupioni silk (part of a fabric gift from Rowena of Red Ruby Rose), unmordanted
- fine, smooth silk, unmordanted
- silk noil, mordanted with alum
- below them is cotton mordanted with tannin and alum

The pale silk on the right was unmordanted, concertina-folded and soaked in the maple leaves 'tea'.
The silk below was rolled around a bunch of beetroot stalks and leaves and tied with thread.

Here's something else I tried with the onion following a recipe from Eco Colour.

The skins were tightly rolled up in damp unmordanted silk and the bundle was closed in a jar but without any more water added. Parts of the resulting eco print are very clear and I like how varied the colours are from a single dyestuff.

red onion eco print

Currently brewing: wood shavings and avocados.


Sonia said...

Oh, Eva, thanks so much for sharing with us the first results of the solar dyeings ! The patterns & different hues are breathtaking ! And the red onion skin dye, without any water leaves me speachless !!
Thanks again ! :) xoxo

ger said...

Wonderful... have to try that onion skin sushi method... (+ looking forward to avocado...)

karyn said...

this is so inspiring, eva. i'm loving all your dyeing experiments and hoping to start doing some of my own.

flowerpress said...

How interesting. They are all beautiful!

michele said...

this is so beautiful and successful. i'd been told that red onion skins yielded a dull color but not here. so glad you've proved this wrong. and i love the no water method.

OliTa said...

Amazing ! Really love them all !