It's quietly busy here with Christmas preparations, house improvements, repairs and other things... Next week I'm leaving for holidays (in Prague, my home city) and both the shops will be closed until about mid-January. So if you're thinking about buying something I can post orders until this Friday.

Something that made my day, if not my whole week, was seeing Liane wearing her tinctory necklace in a wonderful video portrait on Etsy. I've always admired her style and everything she makes from pillows to Etsy treasuries and after watching the video I'd like to move into her house as well.

In dyeing news, there have been a few more jars brewing but nothing terribly exciting. I noticed that the polyester thread used as a resist for dyeing the feathers gets darker with the silk.

So I tried the iron+tannin combination on different fabrics including polyester (top) and there is indeed a touch of colour. I like the idea of such an old dye on a new man-made material.

Other words and themes I'm thinking about: rust, pigment, primitive and raw



emma cashman said...

hello, may i ask the process you used to create this? I"ve tried nails in damp spaces for days but they just won't rust.. I'd hugely appreciate your help!

Eva said...

Funnily enough, I had that problem too! Tried to make iron solution for dyeing and it just wouldn't rust. What helped then was letting the air in. At first I made the mistake of filling the jar to the top and closing it. Also vinegar can help it rust.

I don't quite remember how I made these patterns, though. I think they were just pins and staples in a wet piece of fabric.