The intoxicating smell of pollen, rich thickness and weight of honey, brittle waxiness of the comb cells, the mechanism of the hive, sound of bees in the heat of an afternoon... regret I never knew my grandfather, the only beekeeper in the family... playing in the empty shed where the hives used to be... that's what I think about when pleating and smocking these pieces of fabric. The theme emerged unplanned and demanding to be followed, suggested by the texture and colour of the dyed organza silk.

While sewing I watched this programme about infinity (sorry - only plays if you're in the UK). It was about numbers so vast you could not write their digits on all the atoms in the observable universe. The worst came near the end: not only is our universe quite possibly infinite but try to imagine an infinite number of such infinite universes!! I nearly stabbed myself with the needle...


Sonia said...

omg Eva, this piece is really out of this world, I love it so much !
sorry, but I really laughed outloud when reading your last sentence LOL
have a wonderful weekend, dear. xoxo

Margie Oomen said...

i love the pollen and bee inspiration to these pieces
i really need to see that program
before i became a maker of things, doctor, scientist, mother and wife I thought my destiny was to be a mathematician

Red Ruby Rose said...

So beautiful. I'm reminded of the story my mum told me about her naive foray into bee-keeping in the 60's... she was sold a very expensive hive of bees by an odd old lady in the village. Turned out the bees were British bees which are notoriously angry little critters and they did nothing but sting and swarm all summer long. My dad was stung from top to toe and they quickly decided to keep chickens instead :)

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

This is so beautiful, and the memory that is stitched into it is even more. Pretty special! I think you might need some bees :) :) Go on! Try it!

Eva said...

Sonia - thanks! glad it made you laugh :)

Margie - didn't know you're a scientist and doctor... all those things together - that's already a big achievement.

Rowena - oh dear :) thanks for the story. will have to remember it if and when I venture naively into beekeeping myself.

Sarah - I know! All I need is a garden...