Honeycomb Evolution

a swarm, a flock of corners
diamond honeycomb
diamonds and hexagons
My favourite smocking stitch is called honeycomb (scroll to about half the page to see the stitches) so it was tempting to try to imitate the structure of the comb. Strangely enough, the cells the stitch produces are diamond-shaped. Overnight it struck me that the name is misleading and cable stitch is in fact the one to give hexagons.

In the last photo you see the two next to each other - honeycomb stitch in the top half, cable stitch below.


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Quite simply... WOW!!! I love the cable stithced section, the other is nice too, but obviously the hexagons are what's needed. And it looks so special with the beading. It looks yummy! :) Lovely work... as always :) :) :)

melampyrum said...

Cable stitch with beads, mmh... it really looks like a true honeycomb with honey drops, smart!

Mapiurka said...

Beautifull work!
Regards from Buenos aires, Argentina

Nancy*McKay said...

...BRILLIANT & bee...U...tiful...