Last of the Eucalyptus

With the last of the eucalyptus leaves I dyed some silk and scraps of other fabric in a hot dyebath. The plant was past its best and partly dry but the colour is still vivid, especially on the wool. The greyish brown swatches were dipped in iron afterwards.

There's still snow falling this weekend but I sowed the first batch of parsley for the kitchen windowsill and am searching the internet for dye plant seeds. Inpired by Cathy's post I'm hatching plans for a little dye garden on the balcony. No space is too small?

Also I've set up a tinctory page on Facebook. It's going to be mainly shop updates so if you'd like to be the first to know, please bookmark it or become a fan (thanks to those who already have!)

Happy Sunday to you all.


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

I so admire your diligence in keeping your dye notes. So many of us *mean* to do that, but it soon falls away :0

I guess dye plant gardens are one of *those* universal ideas right now, because I am also planning to reserve a small area of the Los Charcos garden for growing some of these.

How do you manage your iron baths?

Have a good Sunday!

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Oooh I love this image, I love work in progress! More please!!

Eva said...

Catherine - I like adding to the notebook and also refer to it often. Would love to hear what you're planning to grow - are you going to blog about it?

I dye such miniature quantities that my iron bath is only a small jar with a bit of rust in it.

Emma - thanks! Glad you enjoy the WIPs :)

PattyMara Gourley said...

on my way to my pottery studio I walk through a eucalyptus grove...now the fallen leaves will capture me in a new way. thank you for your poetic words and stunningly beautiful art.

Morna said...

What a beautiful thing you do. I especially love the little quilted amulet bag.

Eva said...

Thank you both!

spindelmaker said...

I just found your work and your blog via Star of the East, and have to say, your work is just insanely beautiful! Every detail from the soft nuances of the natural dying, the wonderful craftmanship in the seams, and the finished products and their original inspiration. All I can say is : WOW!