heart of the flower

The first Beekeepers necklace is finished.

In the middle of the circle there are moving 'stamens'. You can look closely, touch the heart of the flower (bee-like) and rearrange the glittering beads while gathering if not nectar and pollen then maybe composure at a time of stress. I hung it on a long chain, all the better to play with.

It will be in the shop tonight.


Nancy*McKay said...

THIS is...as SPECIAL as Tupelo...honey...mild, pleasant & very popular...

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Sweet! You're so clever! This is absolutely charming! And I love that blouse too! *:)

clothogancho said...

tout est délicat et merveilleux !

Joan Tucker said...

Hi we are potters not dyers but I raise herbs and have tons of spaces for plants. I also have lichen on my trees here in Washington. If you have some plants that you might like to experiment with I would be delighted to
plant a couple. I did raise some dyers herbs when I lived in Seattle several years ago.

It is early spring here and we can plant hardy plants now and set seeds in pots.
I found your blog through Spirit Cloth.

email: thepathwithheart@comcast.net

Joan Tucker