Beautiful blue sky all weekend. The indigo jars are beginning to do something. So far it's the same old pale blue story but I'm going to give it time. If nothing else, I'm learning more about the madder + bran vat. It seems to change colour in a traffic light fashion - at first the liquid is red with the madder. Then it turns amber as the fermentation begins. When the vat comes into order it becomes green.

My parsley is already coming up and it's very nice to see things growing. It made me go ahead and plant the indigo seeds in pots on the windowsill too.

Another bee necklace is almost finished, I hope to show it in the next post.


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Well, that's sure a beautiful sky (is that a Magpie peched up in the tree there?). I like the pale blue cloth. Kind of a forget-me-not blue? That's pretty!

The crafty Kaeru said...

What a beautiful blue! We've had some similar skies up here - very hopeful for the onset of Spring!

Morna said...

Such a beautiful blue ... evocative of romance, I think.

OliTa said...

Really beautiful shades of blue !