Spring news: the Japanese indigo seeds are spreading their little cotyledon wings.

I'm working on the poetry pieces and also on something new involving many colours and much overdyeing.

I've been admiring this collection. The embroidery? Amazing.


Sunflower said...

i love your blog. i used to do tie dying, years ago using dandelions, coffee, berries, etc. not very advanced, but mostly wonderful gathering things. there is something healing about collecting beautiful things in nature. i don't know what it is, perhaps it is picking up a gift that was left for us by someone we do not know. finding a lovely leaf on the forest floor, noone is there to say....."here, this is for you", it's just there. it's so mysterious and wonderful.
your blog makes me want to go outside more. we live in the city and sometimes i feel so trapped here. we're moving back to the northwest, but our dream is to go to england. we're actually trying to find a job there. but thank you for inspiring me. i love the word tinctory. i make up words, too.


Judy Martin said...

I love the work you are doing with poetry. Hiding the text makes it seem more like a glimpse and we only need to read what we need to read at this moment. We have the knowledge that the rest is there for us another day. Comfort and beauty and mystery - all in one piece.
I don't think I can grow indigo in Canada, but shall research this. Thanks for the inspiration.

Velma said...

eva, i can hardly wait to see where the poetry pieces go. i love the combination of pleating, fiber and text. YES!
wonderful baby indigo. and my indigo is still in the envelope, i found a grower with a greenhouse to start them for me. judy, i can grow indigo and i'm near ottawa.

Eva said...

Thank you for the thoughtful comments.

Debbie - I also have that feeling of being trapped in this city... My big dream is to have a garden. Good luck with your move!

Judy - glad you're considering the indigo too. This is my first time growing it so I can't say much about it but so far it's easy and practically all the seeds germinated.

Velma - the poetry pieces could be ready to show in the summer or autumn, still some work to do... Glad you found the greenhouse. It will be good to compare notes with an experienced indigo grower :)