May Unfolded Like a New Leaf

The last two weeks here have seen an unfortunate case of BML (blogging momentum loss). I've been distracted by spring.

Among other things I thoroughly reclaimed the neglected balcony. I brushed off cobwebs, rolled away carpets of moss and untangled soil from the clutches of weeds.

Coreopsis seeds have been sown and pigeon-deterring devices improvised. Madder is stretching its red roots in a spacious new planter. Ferns are unfurling. Baby lobelias are nesting in little baskets.

I dare say it resembles a garden now and it makes me happy.

baby lobelias
ferns unfurling


Velma said...

fiddleheads, fiddleheads, fiddle dee dee! i wish i could loan you a couple yards of soil space!

michele said...

oh i love the fiddleheads photo!

where did you get your madder seeds? and your indigo seeds? i've love to grow both madder and indigo.