Oh - sorry, I forgot to post the solar dyeing results. I've finally found focus again, shut myself in the studio and have been giving shape to some new ideas and started on a handful of feathers too. The best part of the last two days was spent on something that I'm quite excited about. It's almost finished - photos next time!

For now here are the flower dye samples, in the same order as were the jars: daisy, bluebell, dandelion, chestnut, kerria.


The biggest surprise for me is that the white chestnut blossom gave possibly the strongest dye of the bunch - tan at first which has faded into yellow since I took the photo. So this little experiment was worth it even just to discover that.


Poorvi said...

Very subtle and beautiful. It is fun exploring this! :)

Summer said...

I love the idea of solar dyeing! I was fairly recently discouraged from natural dyeing by a local yarn shop that encourages synthetic dyes because they stated that often the mordants (I hope I'm using the correct term) are heavy metals and worse than the synthetics. It looks like there are mordant-less ways of natural dyeing and safe mordants...would you be able to elaborate on this or suggest some reading material to get started?

I did some dyeing with veggies in college as experiments, but haven't gone beyond that.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Sarah said...

I love the colors that you are able to achieve. So beautiful and serene!

Anonymous said...

would love some time soon to try the solar deying too. Even if I do not use the fabric, the idea of looking at the jars and dreaming about what's happening inside does it for me.:)