Out of the Blue

strandlines in progress
the blue

It's been a busy week here involving something I hope to show you in a few months (!), making a custom feather and a lot of blue dyeing among other things. Yes, the indigo fermentation vat is strong and working like a charm at the moment.

Thank you everyone who took a look at the strandline pieces, commented or bought one! There is a few more of them in progress.

As an experiment I also continue to dye a piece of cotton and cut off a strip after each dip in indigo. You can see in the notebook I started more optimistic but then realised navy blue is going to take a while and the strips got narrower.


jude said...

it is getting there!

Summer said...

Oh, now that's some blue! How long can you expect your vat to last?

Yuki said...

What a lovely gradation of blues! Seeing them all together really highlights the subtle differences and attests to the amazing range one can achieve even with a single dye source.

Kim said...

Is there anything better than indigo?

Eva said...

Jude - yes!

Summer - in theory it can last indefinitely, you just top up the indigo and other ingrediences as needed

Yuki - yes, the range of blues is fascinating. not just the light and dark but sometimes the fabric comes out more turquoise other times more grey.

Kim - indeed! :)

Summer said...

Wow...forever! Fantastic! I love that! What have you been using as a mordant...if anything?