Queen Anne's Lace

Once again
green borders are embellished with lace.
The white flowers seem to float untethered.
Everything is light.
The dusk pours itself into dawn
before the dark can settle.

This little amulet bag holds some of the atmosphere of June when everything suddenly becomes green and you can almost see plants growing. After every short night the grass is taller, the paths more overgrown...

The bag is made from an unusual piece of organza silk. It's dyed green with red onion which is a happy accident and something of a mystery.

The fabric is pleated into lush blades of grass, smocked with green trellises and white flowerettes (the floating Queen Anne's Lace) and beaded with sparkling yellow beads. The dark chain closes with a hook at the front and on the chain there are small opalescent beads flying in and out of the grass like fireflies.

It's an eye-catching and whimsical creation suitable for containing talismans, mementos or simply a pinch of the magic Midsummer air.

I'm almost ready to let it go, it will in the shop later today.



I love your inspiration and words :o)

Mona said...

Oh, oh, oh, beautiful words - and the bag is suitable for a fairy queen!!

fuliane said...


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Sonia said...

oooh Eva, this is such a beauty, and I'm speaking about the necklace, the dyeing, the photo, the poetry, the whole post in its entirety. Well done, you, and it sold already :)

Eva said...

Thank you for looking, reading and the encouragement :)