The Sea was Silver

the sea was silver

It was a very peaceful afternoon on the beach. The sun reached a certain point on its way to the horizon. Suddenly you could hear the silence. The sea was silver and the air was mother of pearl.

The light blue of indigo reminded me of that scene. I pleated the dyed fabric into quiet ripples, smocked it with a single calm line of beaded stitch and it became a small amulet bag. The top closes with a hook and a fishtail-shaped eye. Opalescent beads sparkle along the chain like drops of sea water. Made of a memory to contain memories inside it.


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

The way you see things is so beautiful. Your work is so incredibly inspiring to me and I look forward to owning a piece someday.

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

I get a little burst of happiness when I see that you have updated your blog... thank you!

x Emma

Eva said...

Comments like these are such a treasured reward of blogging.
Thank you both. x


A beautiful gentle post, gorgeous photos

ELK said...

eve ..it is like the waves..movement and softness