The Tiniest

rara avis earrings

Feathers the size of a fingertip.

These rara avis earrings will be in the shop later today along with a new strandline bracelet and necklace.

It's a fine, sunny day here, ideal for some outdoor smocking this afternoon... :)


Anthropomorphica said...

How beautiful Eva!

kaftansarafan said...

They are like tiny birds! funny you mention outdoor smocking as it is what i'm considering myself - such a nice day we are having here in dublin:)

Claudia said...

Such beautiful colours! I love all your work.
Nice greatings from sunny Holland, Claudia

ger said...

They are beautiful... - making me think not of feathers, but of little creatures of the sea (with delicious meat... ;)

Jo Wholohan said...

these are just gorgeous Eva, so darling xx

Eva said...

Thank you for the compliments on these little edible sea creatures/feathers :)
I'm pleased to say the outdoor smocking went well and it's another sunny day today - great!