A Walk in the Garden

The sunniest spot on the balcony has been reserved for the indigo and it's soakig up the sun (and lots of water) and the leaves are becoming glossier, darker and hopefully richer in indican every day.

I was first encouraged to grow it in containers when I saw this photo of Yuki's polygonum. Although she later planted hers outside, the plants seem to be thriving in the pot too. Yuki kindly gave me some tips and it looks like there could be some homegrown blue this summer.


The beautiful hydrangea doesn't mind shade. Not for dyeing, only for looking. I can't get enough of the colours.

An outlandish forest of pea shoots on the windowsill. Not for dyeing either but they are delicious.

And on the background of more indigo plants here's a new sea bracelet dyed with indigo. I made this one for myself but some more are in progress for the shop too.

new bracelet

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Anonymous said...

have you tried flower pressing hydrangeas, they hold thier colour nicely
lovely pictures by the way :)