Colours of the Season

colours of the season

The new necklaces are almost ready. The plan is to show them here on Sunday and add them to the shop some time next week.

With this series it was one of those times when things seem to make themselves. All I did was stitch and dye and it all came together and surprised me. At first it was about gardens real and imagined because of the home-grown origin of the dyeplants used. But then I started to notice how the colours match the season here - it ended up being all about late summer instead.

Thank you very much for the recent comments! Hope to see you here on Sunday.


Poorvi said...

Your journey and work is so inspiring! Looking forward to the new surprises.

Mona said...

I so enjoy your pictures, there's something about your colour scheme that makes it tickle down my spine. Your art is beautiful, serene and old fashioned - and I mean that in a very good way :)

Anna Emilia said...

Oh what a closet of an alchemist in colors and gentle forms. Happy to be found here. Greetings from Finland.

Filamental said...

So lovely and filled with celebrating the details of a life filled with close inspection of nature. I love to read your blog.
It seems, you do with simple things, so very much.

Leililaloo said...

Fabulous, incredible, what a beautiful new collection and color feel.

Emily@theNest said...

That is the most beautiful journal/notebook I've ever seen! Love your blog and your dyeing journey!