coreopsis tinctoria

coreopsis dye

The coreopsis tinctoria flowers in my dye garden have started to open. The buds are without number and even if I pick all the blooms (I'm freezing them for later use) there are a dozen new ones within a day.

The dye from them looks dark and strong but I've only used it for a bit of overdyeing so far so don't know exactly what colour they give on their own. I'm going on a short trip tomorrow and I'll dye a white piece of fabric when I'm back next week.

A while ago I was mentioned in this thoughtful post about reinventing craft. I really like Delia's take on it.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


Velma said...

nice coreopsis color. i hadn't thought so much about size (as per the article). i often work small, and years ago came to terms with it. i like the intimacy of small, hold in your hands small.

Summer said...

It looks a lot like eucalyptus...what a rich color. I'm convinced that a grouping of these jars would make a wonderful Halloween display!

Anonymous said...

curious to what comes out of the pot.
not much left of the weekend, but still, great sunday. :)

Spiminarian said...

I had some interesting color variation from what I believe is coreopsis. It's not like yours though - my flowers are all yellow. My yarn was a bright orange, but I also got pink! It was a nice change from the yellows.