Colours of the Season I. and II. are now in the shop as cards!

There are two versions of each picture to choose from - dark (brighter parts emerge from a dark background and details and textures look smooth) and light (brighter overall with sharp contrast).

There's a picture in the listing where you can see the differences between the options. Both are a professional print.

The cards are blank inside and come with a white envelope.

Please note there's no extra postage for a third card or a card posted with a necklace but the system can't be set up that way. Any overcharge will be refunded.

How was your weekend? It was a busy, working one here. The indigo vat came into order and I've been making the necklace for the third poem. More on that next time.


Claire said...

Beautiful. I love your work.

Cathy Cullis said...

lovely images

Elizabeth said...

These are lovely!