Fathoming Continued

A mosaic of pictures from the making of the third necklace with Rebecca's poem. We've decided to title the project "Fathoming" not least because there is a strand of sea and nautical references throughout. That's partly why I was so determined to include indigo blue. This necklace also features a miniature honeycomb.

I'm going away for a few days but taking a bunch of colourful silk to pleat in spare moments. I'll be back on Monday.


Velma said...

i can hardly wait for thses pieces to emerge.

Sea Angels said...

Stunning and so exciting like waiting for butterflys to hatch...yes magical
Lynn x

anastasia said...

so beautiful! the indigo and the cognac pieces are so alive, i desperately want one of these for mine own! i hope i can see them before they're gone. it's lovely to see the progression of your work over the last year, kudos!

Sea Angels said...

Thank you so much for my card I was really pleased
it is so pretty
Lynn xxx

Abigail Thomas said...

text and textiles; my favourite