To Be Continued

to be continued

A mosaic of what I'm working on. I have nearly finished two of the three necklaces for the collaboration with Rebecca. The third is waiting for a new batch of indigo to reduce (the old vat was too weak to give the colour I'm after).

These necklaces are finally taking shape after what seemed an endless struggle with technical difficulties. The degree of precision needed when placing the text on the fabric stretched even my love of fiddly detail at times. I hope they will be built of perseverance and the stronger for it.

By now I know the beautiful poems almost by heart and the vivid images in them are always with me as I sew or dye.
"My dreams are delft blue..."


Velma said...

o-o-o-o-oh!! can you hear me? all the way from the north country. i can't wait!

Sea Angels said...

Your work is totally amazing, and I just adore the introduction of script, it can only enhance what is already divine.
Hugs Lynn xxx

ger said...

The time, precision + patience you put into these are palpable... so beneficial just to look at the pictures...

Black Purl said...

Can. Not. Wait.

anka said...

I just found your blog via emma lamb's, and I am glad I did. Your work is so delicate and surprising, love it!

Eva said...

velma - I can hear you loud and clear! thank you for not giving up

Lynn - thanks so much, hugs back to you

ger - thank you for the thoughtful looking

Black Purl - thank you for the impatience

anka - thank you for visiting and leaving a note!