Dye Garden in October

coreopsis flowers

This morning the ground was white with frost for the first time. The balcony garden is slowly dying back but only a couple of weeks ago the amazingly prolific coreopsis was still in full bloom.

I've now dyed with the flowers alone (rather than over other colours as before) and with alum the results are similar to onion skins but yellower, especially on the heavier fabrics.

The indigo seeds have started to ripen and I brought the flowering stems inside to keep an eye on them. Some of the seeds fell on soil in another flowerpot and quickly sprouted! I'm collecting the seeds and drying them with the rice method described here. When they are ready for storing, I'm thinking of giving away a few packs - watch this space.


Julie Shackson said...

The coreopsis samples are lovely. I'm sewing with crocosmia yellows at the moment and it seems everyone is producing yellows in homage to a summer passing! I'm not sure if you'd be interested as the dye potential is minimal, but I have some decaisnea fargesii seeds for anyone who wants them. It's a chinese plant that makes a lovely tall and airy contribution to the back of a border (that can be underplanted as it's so open) and it has incredible vivid blue sausage-like beans. You can see the beans here: http://www.julieshackson.com/1/post/2010/10/autumnal-offerings.html Just email me with your address if you want some. xxJuliexx

Eva said...

Julie, thanks for the offer! I'd love to try them some time as the indigo blue beans are fantastic. But in the nearest future it's competing with too many 'would love to try' plants for very little balcony space. I hope someone else with a proper garden will have some, though.