Rara Avis, the Autumn Edition

rara avis, the autumn edition

The timekeepers and these feathers are what the box of autumn was transformed into over the last several weeks. I think they are some of my finest naturally-dyed colours yet. I was so caught up in the mixing and blending that I can't tell you which piece went in which dye exactly. But I can give you a little list of the dyes used:
indigo (including home grown)
coreopsis (home grown)

The feathers will be added to the shop randomly, a few at a time. If you'd like to reserve one, please drop me a line and I'll list it for you right away. As always, chains can be customised.

Thank you for reading and for all recent comments!


Anonymous said...

such beautiful autumn colours! thankyou for so much inspiration :)

Filamental said...

I must tell you that I can not get this group off of my mind. That box full of the pleated dyed work is extraordinarily beautiful.
I am dyeing some silk in elderberry right now. I would like to know if it is the coreopsis that gave you that gorgeous orange?
I dye with goldenrod and indigo quite a bit.
What I really love is the blending of colors that you got from dipping them in other dye.
Very beautiful.
I enjoy your blog very much.

Ellen said...

Wow. The colours are so beautiful, really stunning. Perfect autumn colours.

Julie Shackson said...

What a fine bunch of lovelies!

Red Ruby Rose said...

Absolutely stunning

Brown Sheep Company said...

Beautiful. And I really like the names. Sometimes the colors come easily, but the names are what give the character and dimension. Names can be challenging.

tastykaeru said...

Very very beautiful!

Julie-Inspired said...

These are beautiful! I am so happy that I found your blog today:)

Julie xo

donauluft said...

These colors are amazing! and the photo brings the color combination out in a wonderful way. Love the muted autumn tones!

Sweetpea said...

EXQUISITE! If they were real feathers, they would appear in a museum case, just like this...a varied collection from similar parentage...species with matching lineage.

Beautiful work! always a joy to visit here.

Eva said...

Thanks so much everyone! You're the best :) xx

Filamental - with these I only used the coreopsis for overdyeing and the orange is from onion skins (if memory serves me right). That said, coreopsis alone gives a similar colour. I've used it on its own recently and will blog about the results soon.

helise said...

Your work is fabulous!!! I admire the way you work with natural colours as I tried it myself once and the result was quite disastrous :))). But it is a long time ago and seeing your work I am longing to try it again. I am a self taugh jeweller and this summer I started experimenting with silk, just in small steps but still :).
I just canť stop looking at the pictures of your jewels, of the colours and the design you give it!

hazel and hunter said...

your work is amazing! i'm in love with your beautiful textile pieces!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeousness!! I discovered your site just tonight and you have such a *beautiful* distinct art style, my goodness. Oh wow, did you teach yourself?