This and That

1. What I'm working on now: two Reminder necklaces, several feathers, something new... and also (not in the picture) a rather special custom order.

2. There's a new page where you can read all three of the Fathoming poems - The Locker, The Reminder and The Token.

3. I'm featured on maison.com and I'd like to thank Charlotte for her work in writing it.

4. I really like this. Also this leaf book and these stone books.


Sea Angels said...

Scrummuy fabulous colours a bohemian autumn xxx
Lynn xx

Velma said...

the juxtaposition between my stone books and your light as air pieces intrigues me. glad you like them. they're all done and packed into the car to take to the gallery tomorrow!

wendy said...

Is that lovely thing to the top right of your hammer something you made? It looks gorgeous. I wore my RARA AVIS on a trip last weekend and received so many compliments and of course pointed them all in the right direction. I just love it. Busy eyeing your shawl pin, lovely design.
A big congrats on your wedding!

Eva said...

Lynn - thank you, sea angel :) x

Velma - the idea of a book with covers so heavy is quite touching

wendy - glad you're enjoying your feather necklace! The thing in the picture with the fuzzy white edge is another unfinished brooch in that penannular design. It's meant to be part of a new series.