Liber Herbarum

liber herbarum

I've been thinking that best of all I like to make things that don't resemble anything directly but rather make use of oblique influences and obscure allusions.

I'm calling this new series of brooches 'Liber Herbarum' or 'A Book of Herbs'. They make me think of things like:
* illustrations in old herbals where the plants are unrecognizable and seem otherworldly
* especially the Voynich manuscript
* alchemical illustrations
* the seed or egg shape - a vessel, an empty frame, a mirror
* thorns
* underground versus overground parts of plants
* an imaginary secret life of plants (when all is quiet at night do flowers talk to the stars?)

Each with their special healing property these magic herbs will be in the shop after the craft fair, on Monday the 6th.

I love the advent counting here.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...beautiful! I love how you are inspired by nature, how you describe it, and the work involved in making your pieces. Your work itself is just stunning!!!

nicole said...

So beautiful. I especially love that dark one at the top. I'll have to keep an eye out for your shop update on Monday!

Edera Jewelry said...

So beautiful!

Velma said...

wonderful pieces, are they becoming purely art???
thanks for the links, the voynich is remarkable. i may have to see this one! (or at least a facsimile)
good luck at the fair--

Sweetpea said...

The very first thing I thought of was very elaborate headdresses created from millions of feathers (the wire looking to me like a face & neck). Wonderful all! Have a splendid time at the fair - it's always so nice to receive feedback firsthand.

Kaija said...

Oh these are the most beautiful things I've seen in ages. I've been truly enjoying your new work and the gorgeous photos (the banner! <3). I too found the Voynich manuscript earlier this year, it's such a source of inspiration to me.

Thank you for linking to my advent calendar! It's lovely to be noticed by someone as talented as you :)

Lynda Howells said...

They are beautiful pieces of art.xlynda

anastasia said...

they remind me a little of feathered headdresses. aztec, maybe? i keep thinking it would be nice to wear a cape or scarf with these as a clasp.

zoe.k. said...

I am officially in love with your work.
I was scrolling down your blog and couldn't resist scrolling to the end. Amazing! :)

Emakesart said...

You're work is stunning!! Incredibly beautiful!