wingslike crushed glass

Like a lot of Europe now this country is snowed in and frozen over. The air is crisp, the light pearl coloured and the ground crunches and glitters like crushed glass.
The roads I've followed so often are erased, old paths are forged anew with some approximation. The snow turns the well-known into unfamiliar, the mundane into an adventure, city walkers into explorers and pioneers.


Velma said...

snow slows us down (trudging through, looking in wonder, obliterating vision) and speeds us up (gotta get warm again!) in ways that simplify. happy snow days.

Claire said...

Beautiful post.

Dyche Designs said...

Great post . . . . snow does have that magical ability to change everything.

bikim said...

lovely pics!

Leililaloo said...

I'm wishing you a very merry christmas :))

Nancy*McKay said...

to a new, creative year for you!
Thank you for adding so much beauty to my 2010
with your love, passion & talent!


Summer said...

Well put...yes, the snow sure changes the landscape and we can see the world with new eyes.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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Jindra Sturgill said...

OMGoodness! I have just stumbled upon your blog. I'm going to shop as soon as I leave this comment. My daughter outgrew my lovingly handsmocked dresses and such many years ago. My pleater and threads and needles have lain still. I could not bear to part with them. Your blog has just re-inspired me to get them out and try something new! Thanks so much. Your work is stunning!