Blues and Greens and a Brown

springtime feathers

Firstly, some fresh feathers. In springtime blues and greens. With a brown one for the earth that takes care of the growing.

The blues are indigo and the green was made by overdyeing with last summer's goldenrod (stored in the freezer). I like the smell of cooking goldenrod. Somehow it even smells yellow. For the green pendant I tried post-mordanting with alum (as well as pre-mordanting) and it made a big difference to the brightness of the yellow. The amber highlights are either tea or my homegrown coreopsis (also collected last year and stored frozen).

In the spirit of renewal I'm resetting the count of the Rara Avis catalogue back to I. prefaced by N for 'new'. Things were getting lost in the forest of the higher Roman numerals and this way we satisfy the scientific/museum rigorousness while simplifying the numbers somewhat.

All will be here shortly.


BrittanButterfly said...

oooh, so wonderful!!! i love the colors!

Claire said...

The brown is such a rich colour. They are all beautiful.

Laurie said...

so beautiful!
i sense them floating in air ...