the other side

This necklace is an exploration of textures and was constructed after the characteristics of an oyster shell: the seaworn, rippled front and the enexpected shiny surfaces on the inside.

The silk was dyed a muted sea green with indigo and tannin and pleated in two directions. Then I smocked it on the reverse with many rows of stiching, each stitch holding a small pearly white bead. The effect is of rich, almost baroque intricacy.

The edges are hemmed on the beaded side with a matching thread and the necklace could be worn with either side up. Display the riches or keep them secret in the gently curved vessel of the shell.

The tides have left it right here.

And today the sea has brought another find: a strandline bracelet with double strands.

double strandline bracelet


KaftanSarafan said...

Interesting colour from indigo.. Love the tiny beads, they add beautifully to the overall "ripple effect". glad to see you blogging again!

leFiligree said...

i love the crenulated top and the slight cupping effect. really like where youre taking this smocking :)

Eva said...

Thank you.

leFiligree - crenulated! That's the word I couldn't think of when writing the post :)

coco said...

nm..pretty. Is that a necklace?