Sea Whispers

the sea, the sea

Lately I've been missing my favourite place on the coast which made me want to return to these sea things. You may remember the sea series from last year.

The shell on the left and the 'Fishing for Stars' necklace at the bottom were custom orders but the rest are available and I will introduce them one by one, starting today with the Sea Whispers earrings.

sea whispers
sea whispers worn

Have you ever put a shell to your ear and heard the sea whisper inside?

These long earrings are organic in shape and nature, related to white-crested waves, shells and laughing seagulls floating on an updraft. They are dyed with indigo to the colour of the North sea, smocked along the edge and embellished with pearly white beads. They are very light and swing freely on dark silver chains.

You can catch them in your net here.



this sea collection is amazing!!!! beautiful work

Carrie said...

Those earrings are lush! I really admire your work and I hope one day I'll have some spare cash to buy some of your gorgeous jewellery.

Hoola Tallulah said...

What a beautiful collection, I love the muted sea hues and the delicacy of each piece, very inspiring <3

Carolina said...

These are amazingly beautiful! Stunning work!

Eva said...

Thank you! :)