The Dye Jars Are Singing

shades of indigo blue
making thistles

Here at tinctory a long list of custom orders is being made for the most patient and understanding people (some of whom have been waiting for a long time). There are future thistles with bathing caps on soaking in strong tea in a former honey jar. There are bundles of silk in several shades of blue being mordanted. They await yellow and purple overdyeing. Other bundles in a variety of colours have just come out of indigo. The vat looks tired so I'm cooking it a nourishing meal of bran. After that I'm preparing more thistles because the dyeing is so hit and miss (only one of the two in the photo came out right).

I'm sorry to say I'm not taking any more custom requests for now. After I've finished the list I'd like to make a few things for the shop (feathers, shells, semicircle necklaces...) and then take the time to play and experiment with something new.


Sandie's Patch said...

I love those first shades, just dreamy.

Sandie xx

Margie Oomen said...

i want to get a vat up and running but it just is too darn cold here and my family would rebel at the smell if I kept it indoors

jude said...

my seed sprouted.

jo said...

so glad to hear your dye jars are singing and I really love the thistles with the bathing caps on - I have resorted to 3 lt preserving jars for some of my solar dyes - even though its nearly winter here in NZ they are still working away

anka said...

The shades in the first image look amazingly beautiful! Treat for sore eyes, I tell you. Good luck with your custom orders

nicole said...

Ooh, can't wait to see your new ideas come to fruition. Like Margie, I would love to have an indigo or woad vat of my very own.

Velma said...

those blues are fine.

Eva said...

Sandie - thanks x

Margie, Nicole - I'm just writing a post about my indoor vat, maybe it will inspire you to give it a go.

Jude - excellent! they have sprouted here too (unlike my woad or weld...)

Jo - good to hear the dye jars are singing in NZ too :)

Anka - thanks!

Velma - thank you!