Feather and Sprig

feather and sprig

For a while I've been sending out jewellery in these new boxes stamped with little feathers and sprigs. They are made from recycled and waste material. If you don't use them to store your necklaces they can be handy for so many other things. I keep sewing pins, loose beads or scrap silver in similar boxes that I bought things in.

I'm trying to contact Helene who wrote to me yesterday with a question. Unfortunately, my email replies keep bouncing. Helene, if you're reading this, please write again.


leFiligree said...

the kids and i use them to store special rocks, feathers or little bones. then they get stacked inside a bigger treasure box for safe keeping.

love the stamp on top of yours.

pencilfox said...

yes: i treasure my two little twig and feather boxes.

pencilfox said...

oh, sorry: sprig and feather.
nonetheless: they shall be wee treasure boxes for me....