fishing for stars

A new 'Fishing for Stars' necklace. This one is very dark blue indeed. It spent many nights in the indigo vat until it acquired the midnight hue. It's smocked in dark greens with bright clear and yellow stars rocking and glittering on the waves of silk.

Find it right here.


Sandie said...

Love it!

Sandie xx

pencilfox said...

your delicate smocking is so very vintage: reminds me of past things.

zahrada mojí duše said...

this deep blue is just so beautiful! I really like it!

Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

Lobster and Swan recommend you on the blog today and sent me your way. Your work is just lovely.

Lobster and swan said...

Hi there, found your work and couldn't be happier


Eva said...

Thanks everyone, glad you like it.

And thank you, lobster and swan, for the feature.