Poetry and Silk - an Opportunity


The poem necklaces above were on display at Purlesque in Liverpool as part of my collaboration with Rebecca, a project we called Fathoming.

*the Locker with echos of the sea, a honeycomb band and a love letter inside
*the Reminder in 'shades of wheat' and with broken pieces of sealing wax
*the mysterious compass of the Token overseen by the pearly 'milk moon'

They've now come back to me and will be listed in the shop today. As you can see they are just like new but I'm offering them with a substantial discount nevertheless - an opportunity for you to own them at a more affordable price and for them to find who they really belong to.

Today Rebecca is the guest blogger at Scottish Poetry Library. She writes about Fathoming as well as her more recent projects and collaborations.


Anonymous said...

These pieces really are gorgeous little works of art and seeing them all together with the earthy background that complements them so well is a delight.

Suzanne said...

Utterly gorgeous work.