The Star Within

star within
a rainbow

Once again the leaves and the season are beginning to turn. I'm back here for the last spell before the baby arrives.

Maybe I shouldn't have spoken lightly of the tales about how pregnancy affects indigo vats because my vat's now been ailing for weeks and I've lost all ability to tell what's wrong with it. Out in the dye garden the Japanese indigo is not exactly thriving and the woad is woeful. Perhaps they sense my preoccupation with another kind of growing. Only the dear potted hydrangea is flourishing and changing colour every time I look.

Thank you for your comments since the last post!


Poorvi said...

Was wondering how you're doing just today. Glad to know all's well.

Sandie said...

Strange about the indigo dye vat, wonder if it's along the lines of butter making? Were the butter won't churn up because someone is in love? Or maybe it's like the response of so many growing and fruiting plants this year...to little light at the right moment?

Not long before your 'fruit' arrives 'eh?
Take care,

Sandie xx

pencilfox said...

what a sweet posting.

you have been on my mind and in my heart for several weeks now: wondering how you are feeling. wondering when your baby will be born.

shall continue to send you peace and love via the universal jetstream.


Velma said...

i've been thinking of you and the wee one to come. tis ok for focus to shift from time to time. you are being entirely creative right now!

Sea Angels said...

Your hydrangea captures a beautiful blue palette, its subtle shades reflect the colours you love, leave the indigo it will always be there for you and turn inward to the magic within.
So glad you are well
Lynn xx

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh my dear. all through time past, i hadn't perceived you were / are pregnant. congratulations. :)))

Therese said...

I have been thinking of you and wishing you well.

Thank you again for your beautiful imagery, it amazes me constantly what beauty there is, when we look just a little closer.

Sending you further good wishes over the next few weeks

Eva said...

Thank you everyone for remembering me and sending your kind thoughts from all around the world. The baby's doing fine, now we're almost on the home stretch - it could happen any day but most likely in a month or more.

I can't really explain the indigo vat problem. It may just be that I've become more stupid and distracted!

Margie Oomen said...

your attention is well turned to the little one inside your belly
my vats ( indigo and woad ) have been producing all summer but now with the weather turning cooler and the daylight shorter I am not quite sure what to do with them
wishing for a long indian summer here in ontario