crushed grapes colourpH sensitive

Dyestuffs from the freezer are having to make way for meals that I'm gradually making and storing for the busy days ahead. There was a bag of elderberries collected a year ago. It seemed a shame not to use it so I coooked up the whole lot and dyed some silk, as dark as it would go. It turned the seasonal colour of crushed grapes.

As a typical berry dye it's sensitive to pH and changes to almost red in acids and bluish grey in alkalis (and back again - the little swatches were dipped completely in baking soda first and half in vinegar later).

The colour will suit another piece for the new series... if I still have time to make it.


het groene kamertje said...

Oh my, that is absolutely beautiful!
Does changing the pH work with other dyestuffs, like leaves, as well?
(sorry for the beginner questions but I am just starting to experiment with natural dyeing and it's very hard to find any info in dutch)

jude said...

beautiful, words and color. there is always a calm here.

Sweetpea said...

oh my, what tremendously YUMMY colors - almost impossible to not start new pieces with this kind of inspiration :>}

Katie said...

the most beautiful color....ahhhh.

k said...

that's a heavenly dark purple, Eva, perfect for the season. i don't think we have elderberries around here, but i just got some nice dark purple from salal berries that i hope to stitch with soon.

Claire said...

So lovely. The colours have such an intensity.

Velma said...

berries are surprising and they are secretive, too, don't you find?

Eva said...

het groene kamertje - many dyes are pH sensitive, especially reds and purples. If you get those from leaves it would be worth testing with baking soda/vinegar top see if they shift. Or adding acid or alkali while dyeing.

Jude - thank you. it's a carefully guarded oasis of calm :)

Sweetpea - yes it is, I've forgotten how good it is just to dye without a plan

Katie - thanks x

k - interesting, got to look up salal berries (never heard of them!)

Claire - yes, it was a LOT of berries to get that colour

Velma - secretive? hmmm... they certainly have some colour secrets :)

bon*bon said...

Such beautiful colouring!

Therese said...

Gorgous Eva and snap ! I've just been dyeing with these delightful berries, they are a joy to yield such an intensity of colour.

KaftanSarafan said...

what a perfect purple Eva!!!