More Ice Flowers

ice flower dyeing
These were dyed right after the first batch, which was some two months ago. Let's see if I still remember what the plants were... There were more lobelias. Then a mixture of purple vetch and rose petals (those gave the Pollockian pattern at the top). A sprinkling of almost black clematis flowers. And definitely bright red poppy petals gathered in a meadow in the park, fallen after a rain. The poppies are the darkest strip on the left.

Poppies especially seem to have dyeing potential. Look at Sonia's great poppy colours here.


Sea Angels said...

delicate and pretty...these are lovely
Lynn xx

Claire said...

Such fine lines and marks. Beautiful.

pencilfox said...

so fine and delicate: nature reproduced onto silk.

zahrada mojí duše said...

This is so beautiful! I thought poppy colours are quite quickly fading out on the sun still it seems some are not! :-)

Joy said...


Anonymous said...

oh Eva, you got such delicate strips ... the patterns are amazing, and the colors totally delicious ! (I'm picturing a whole dress in those prints ... oh bliss)
thanks for the mention, my experiment was a small one but I loved the color it gave & the pattern it gave.
Wishing you the very best for the end of your pregnancy.
Much love your way

miss lila said...

Oh, how lovely. Poppies are some of my favorite flowers - I never knew they could produce such beautiful dye colors. ♥

Eva said...

Thank you all for the comments. Yes, they turned out quite delicate, a bit too much in some cases!

Heli - the flower dyes are generally not the most permanent but I must say the poppy is holding up extremely well.

Sonia - a whole dress in such a fine, abstract floral print was exactly what I pictured too :)