Under the Wings

under the wings

The image of spread wings has been associated with protection for thousands of years. Powerful and majestic like an ancient god extending his protection over the ruling dynasty or enveloping and soothing like a mother's arms, harking back to a hen spreading her wings over the chicks.

If we were under the protection of such magic wings what would they look like? Would they glow with colour and glimmer with mystical gems? This collection is my interpretation of the old symbol.

The silk was dyed earlier in the summer before the indigo vat collapse but apart from the blue I can't tell you which plants I used. I went with the flow and didn't keep notes. The colours turned out very autumnal. These necklaces are also the first to have the tiny T signature tags attached to the clasp at the back.

Their photos follow and more details can be seen in the shop. They will become available on Sunday.

purple cloak copper shield gold flame earth blue depth shadow wings


Heidi said...

These are absolutely beautiful! I adore your jewelry! So delicate.

Sabrina R. Molinar said...

gorgeous work!

Anonymous said...

beyond gorgeous, Eva
well done again & again :)

pencilfox said...

lovely. simply lovely.

wings are one of my latest themes: studying them, collecting wings from angelo's hunting excursions, painting winged hearts.

may you and your family be protected under great wings.


Sea Angels said...

Theses are amazing.. I adore your colour palette, and I love the variance of the colours as they are stitched into the shapes you create.
Lynn xx

Sandie said...

Wonderful wings of joy!

Sandie xx

Patricija said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.....!!!!!

k said...

those are stunning - i love your representation of wings, and the autumnal palette you have ended up with.

Eva said...

Thank you! I'm happy you like them.

Jane -The7thMagpie said...

you put this so beautifully and they are so beautiful.

alma said...

I can never find the right word to express what I feel when I see your work. This word should be delicate, nice to one's ear and should also express intimacy... and be full of stories... Thanks for moving the inner me anyway!