Parallel Universes


In the world of Anna there's the sand pit, the Red Riding Hood opera on repeat, the tricycle, the playdough, the mini muffins, the tomato+vegetable sauce, surrender to the mess, the impending house move, the Summer slipping away too fast... and new words every day.

She says 'ne ne ne' to me then turns to daddy with a 'no no no'.

Light years away and dimensions apart is the deserted world of tinctory. If I could go there the bunch of strikingly red eucalyptus leaves I brought home a month or two ago would be wrapped in fabric and steamed.

In that world I'm also one of the featured artists in Sophie Long's Embroidery , a book published earlier in the year.

Sometimes I still get messages from that faraway world. Kind strangers get in touch with comments, invitations and questions. Thank you for being there and reminding me it exists.


pencilfox said...

i think of you *often* as i wear my tinctory lovelies.
also think of your sweet daughter, that she must be growing and exploring the world around her.
good on you, looking after her full time....
yet, i miss your presence........


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

I've never stopped thinking about you, Eva. I know how time slips away, specially with a little one (or two, or more). I hope you are all doing fine, enjoying yourselves, day by day. Nothing more really counts, specially at your daughter's age.
We'll be ready for anything you'll share, when you'll be ready to share.

Sweetpea said...

Still here.
"Tis love ... truly ... that makes the world go 'round. Nothing else really matters. You are following your great love and that is sublime. We all should be doing the same ;>]]

And one day, in their own time, these undefinable moments will be put into your handwork ... now that is something to imagine!

all best wishes to you & your family.

L. M. Zsuzsi said...

Dear Eva, this time will pass quickly, and you can come back to work! The kids grow up too fast ... You make beautiful things! I love your beautiful jewelry! But motherhood is the most beautiful, the family more important! Enjoy this time!
All the best to you!
An artist-mother from Hungary.

jo said...

Hi Eva

I know what you mean about that world feeling far away - we had our house on the market for 18 months (with all that that entails) and finally it sold and we moved to a another one - with room for me to set up a studio and somewhere to do my eco dyeing too - sounds like bliss but its been absolutely months since I have been able to do any work - house moving, renovations and finally now starting to sort out where things will go. Someone asked me the other day if I had any projects in mind and I had to say that I honestly didn't have a creative thought in my head, let alone ideas for new works - I know its not the same as raising a little but the sense of missing the making is just as real.

We will get there! Love Jo in NZ

Joy said...

How lovely to hear from you - it's a delight to know your news.

Sandra Dunn said...

Wishing you many beautiful blessings!

Margie Oomen said...

You are never far from our lovely thoughts when collect, dye and stitch

Bobbie Casey said...

Evm you have to know how much you are missed. I think about your work all of the time. I think there is no greater or rewarding job in all of the world than being a mother. I love it that you keep in touch in such an endearing way. The photo's speak. . .

Judy Martin said...

I agree with Bobbie.

It is brave of you to speak about your yearning. There will be time for that, and it will come sooner than you think.

My way of coping when my children were young was with a kitchen timer. I would plan for what I would do when there was 15 minutes of solitude. And then I would set that timer for 15 minutes and just do my artwork.

If I only got 8 minutes in - then I still hoped some time during that day to find 7 more. Usually could.

Now, I still use my kitchen timer as a way of marking out how many hours I can spend on one part of my artwork - or on housework.

That's my motherly advice for you today - find a kitchen timer.

Still - it is the most important job in the world, raising a good person. Be well.

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