End of a Rainbow


I've come to understand lately that tinctory has died. She was made possible by conditions that no longer exist. She was of an era that has ended. She was very important in my life and taught me much for which I am grateful.

I'm here today to mark an end and take leave so that I can give myself more fully to what is.

Thank you. Thank you for being here with me, then or now.


pencilfox said...

i am sad to hear this, but it is selfish on my part, hoping to purchase another bit or two of tinctory.
on the flip side, look at what you have gained!
with an ending comes a beginning.
take good care of yourself and your little family.

[i treasure the bits of tinctory i have in my collection....]

* LOVE *

Els said...

Well Eva, that is sad to hear, but I'm sure your talents haven't died with Tinctory ;-)
You have a very different life now : life IS change, so it is all quite "normal" ..... But I will miss seeing your lovely and special pieces of jewelry. Though I never had the opportunity to purchase one, I always enjoyed them dearly.
I think you're a bit in that pot of gold at the end of this beautiful rainbow ... I wish you a happy life and maybe, just maybe, one day, I'll see something beautiful, and recognize it as yours ! ;-)
Warm greetings from Holland.

Sonja♥ said...

I wish you all the best!!!

Sea Angels said...

Sad Eva yes, but I look at the wonderful life that has replaced her.
You will always have this amazing ability always, but the beautiful time you are having with your family is so special there can be no other choice.
Thank you for all of your wonderful inspiration.
Hugs Lynn xx

Morna at wickedwaif.com said...

I'm NOT sad to hear this ... because the truth is so clear and I admire you for recognizing it and not trying to squeeze things in when they're just not meant to be squeezed. Fat little baby legs are another matter - squeeze to your heart's delight!

I DO, however, have that sense of DARN, now I'll never be able to purchase a bit of Tinctory. But that's the way it is.

I am very happy for you and I hope you will check in now and then, just to keep in touch with this world of friends who are weird "virtual" friends. But if you leave the web behind, I'll admire that too.


Sandi said...

So sad it is going away. I really enjoyed each and every post and each and every piece of art you made. Good Luck in your ventures in life.

jo said...

All things come to pass and make way for new things - the essential creative you is still here, thats what counts. I am so glad I came across your blog and own two of your beautiful pieces - know that a little bit of yourself is much cherished here in New Zealand. Much love and best wishes for the future. Joxx

Jo said...

Thank you Eva for all you have shared with us! I wish you a beautiful and bright future and will miss reading your posts and seeing your stunning work!
Sending a big hug your way!
Jo from www.josloft.com

Mona said...

And thank you for what you have shared; a place of a very unique beauty -I have really enjoyed visiting here! May your life still be filled with beauty and happiness. Maybe one day I will find you again somewhere - on a new creative journey ...
(And thank you for letting us know you're moving on - so many seems to forget, which makes people worry).

Jenny M said...

Enjoy your precious time with your family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and thoughts with us and thank you for saying goodbye.
All the best.

rtquilter said...

So VERY sorry to see you and Tinctory go, Eva! I am sure that Motherhood is taking your time though, as it should. You may regret giving up Tinctory but you will never regret pursuing Motherhood with all engines”go"! I have recently and VERY unexpectedly become a Granny- likely for the only time. It is a VERY very precious moment in my life , as was motherhood so I know what you are feeling. Do NOT give up your art though. I did for a while, of necessity, but it has returned and I am passing it along to my daughter- and anyone else who's interested! Pass your talent along to your daughter too? Bye bye

Annie Cholewa said...

There's always a certain sadness in goodbyes, but so much promise in where you're headed now.

Please do continue to leave your blog accessible to us even if you don't visit it yourself, there are so many delights to be found in Tinctory's archives

Brittany at Home Ground said...

You have always been such a great inspiration to me as both a fiber artist and a jewelry artist. Thank you for sharing your work, I'll dearly miss it. There is a season for everything, and maybe your life will revolve back toward it someday. In the meantime, I hope that you embrace and enjoy this season of your life.

Love from Michigan,


Andrea said...

Farewell, take care, and enjoy your little one.xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Eva, I am sure there will be a time again when you will create new things, but for now please do not delete this blog! I still love to read it and find all the natural dye information so useful!
Thank you for your inspiring work

Lee said...

I'm so sad. I stumbled onto your blog and your gorgeous smocked jewelry just when you first shut down your shop, and I've been eagerly waiting these years for a chance to buy a piece or ten. I've got five kids, so I certainly understand the choices a mother makes. I hope the next stage of your life is equally full of love and creativity.

MJosé said...

Acabo de descubrirte y me dices que se acabó, lo siento. Precioso todo tu trabajo, sutil , delicado , inspirador , no tengo palabras para describirlo . Me alegra tu maternidad , disfrútala te entiendo. . Pero vuelve cuando puedas , yo te seguiré hasta que vuelvas. No te quedara alguna pieza sin vender.? Me gustaría tener alguna.

Anonymous said...

So very understandable. Circumstances change, faster than you can imagine. My hope is that you leave this blog here. I visit for the beauty of it. Perhaps you'll find inspiration here when you are finding your time not quite so full.

Jenny Lee Fowler said...

I treasure your pieces and what I have seen through your eyes. Best of luck on all of your adventures!

Cheap Tap said...
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