Deepest Darkness

deepest darkness

"I will take you to your deepest darkness," the guide had said.

Inspired by mourning jewellery this necklace acknowledges that without dying of the old self there is no growth. When lost in the underworld and every turn seems only to lead deeper into blacker night it may give hope to remember that the deepest darkness is fertile and hides seeds and treasures that can be found nowhere else in the world.

The silk here was dyed to a rich, purplish almost-black with a tinge of rust. It's the sort of black that's full of colour. Crow wings in the sun sort of black. It's glimmering and heavy with an encrustation of almost black beads like the precious ore that has to be mined, painfully and slowly. Two vintage faceted black eggs mark the two sides of the chain.

This necklace will be in the shop some time during the weekend. I've started to post updates on Twitter for a quick way to keep in touch.

deepest darkness deepest darkness


Copper Flowers said...

Evi, nevim jestli prisla nejdriv slova a pak nahrdelnik, ale vzalo mi to dech. Jsem rada ze si neprestala a dal tvoris nadherne veci.

msvos said...

Eva - It's so nice to see your post. This is a beautiful piece.

pencilfox said...

that's exactly what i thought it might be, a mourning piece. i have an antique mourning button/pin….same deep dark colour….

your pieces are o-so-wonderful, right now….beautiful and artistic….

Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

This piece is incredibly elegant, mysterious & deep. Yet again a stunning creation from your talented hands & mind. ox

Eva said...

Copper Flowers - dekuji! tak nejak se to tvorilo dohromady uz nekolik let :)

Thanks everyone, this piece was a very long time coming and I was happy with how it eventually turned out.