nestdaffodil plume

A nest of five rara avis feathers will be in the shop on Tuesday. There is a large grey blue one, a brown one and three smaller ones on finer, shorter chains.

Last week there was one warm, spring-like day that made me go out (no need for a coat) and start tidying the garden. I realized how much I missed it all winter. I could hear my neighbour working as well. The gardens were calling.


Cathy Cullis said...

exquisite work, I do like the grey-blue. Have a good week, best wishes Cathy.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'd love to hold one. They are all beautiful.

pencilfox said...

we are having warmer than normal temperatures right now, therefore, i am wishing for spring and budding flowers. however, we are facing winter weather again, soon.

are daffodils good for tinctory work? what an excellent colour they are! one of my favourite flowers….

love that nest of feathers! perfect colours and sizes!

Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Each of them has so much personality (so to speak). Each so special. So pretty, always. ox

Maga said...

Eva said...

Thank you, everyone!

Marie - I believe daffodil flowers do dye yellow. I look forward to trying one or two when they are properly out.