The King's Falcon

the king's falcon

A noble falcon, the king's companion. People say they know each other's true names and sometimes it almost seems as if they are one and the same.

One more feather, this time a large one accompanied by a battle-scarred old shield with the shining symbol of the king's crown. The silk was dyed with tannin and iron and the shield made from copper and given a dark patina.

This fragment of a fairy tale will be up in the shop tomorrow (Tuesday).



pencilfox said...

oh, my.
a feather shield.
love that crown addition. this is truly a magnificent piece of art.

rtquilter said...

Oh, welcome back Anna! It is wonderful to see your lovely work again! You will have quite a grown up girl by now and WE have a beautiful, never supposed to be Grandson now. He'll be a year old on the 27th!

rtquilter said...

OOps ! Evan NOT Anna!! Sorry :-(

Eva said...

I enjoyed the making the metal components very much :)

rtquilter - thanks for the welcome back! Happy birthday to your grandson. It's amazing to watch them grow. I've recently become an aunt, hoping to meet the little one this spring.