The Unreachable Goal

unreachable goal

"What do you really wish for?" asked the guide.

Even though the goal itself is unattainable it is still worth following it. In accepting its guidance we set upon a course during which many other goals may be achieved.

This necklace is part of the Journey series. It is about an imaginary journey following a star into the desert and back again.

It is composed of two layers of silk, a golden colour on a dark purple background. The smocking forms an eight pointed mandala of a star (the eighth point being the silver). The edges of the fabric are left raw to give a soft halo.

This will be in the shop on Monday.

the starunreachable goal


jo said...

This is so beautiful and I love that you are taking us on a journey. Good to have you back here again. love Jo

pencilfox said...

i really like stars, and *eight* is my number.
this piece is perfect.

Sandi said...


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Stunning piece, wow is the word !
You blow my mind every time !

Eva said...

Thank you! I missed this place.